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At the heart of the Amplicomms range is their Loud and Clear philosophy.  These large button, easy to use telephones are defined by unique, high-definition sound.  Stylish and practical enough for general day to day use, these telephones are especially suited to those who suffer from hearing disability.  Each product in the new Bigtel 1500 series comes packed with great features like an extra loud ringer, extra loud call volume, visual call indicator and hearing aid compatibility.

The Bigtel 1500 is the base model in the range.  It's a DECT cordless phone with enhanced features such as one-touch audio-boost to increase the volume of the call.  You'll always hear it ring thanks to its extra loud 90db ringer - that's as loud as a lawn mower or a leaf blower!  The Bigtel 1580 adds direct memory keys to the base to make it easier to call close friends and relatives, and an easy-to-use 30-minute answering machine.  Both models are available boxed with additional handsets for use all around the house.

The Bigtel 1580 Combo offers the security of a corded telephone - that does not require mains power when connected directly to a wall socket - with the flexibility of a cordless DECT phone.  The corded base has an easy-to-use 60-minute answering machine and direct memory keys on the base.  The cordless additional DECT handset can be placed in a bedroom, or wherever is convenient without the need for an additional telephone wall socket.

Also available in the Amplicomms range are mobile phones with extra loud ringers and call volume, wireless TV Listeners that enhance voices and reduce TV background noise, alarm clocks with vibration pads, and environmentally friendly dry boxes for hearing aids.


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