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After much anticipation, Hitachi are delighted to announce the launch of their refrigerator range in the UK.

Designed for homes of the future, Hitachi's refrigerator range encompasses the finest design and cutting-edge technology.  Hitachi's comprehensive and innovation refrigerator range includes Combi Side-by-Side and Multi-Door.  The entirety of which are packed with pioneering, original features that harness the best of Hitachi technology such as the unique vacuum compartment which reduces the air pressure in a refrigerated compartment.  Foods stored here will stay fresher for longer and will not dry out as quickly.  The latest feature is the selectable zone which enables families to customise the temperature setting to suit their storage and lifestyle needs.  They can choose between 4 different temperatures including refrigerator, chill/meats, freezer and soft freeze (food stored at a frozen temperature but can be cooked immediately without the need to defrost).

As Hitachi enters the UK market, they're offering the most efficient consumer refrigeration products, that not only help reduce the environmental impact on society but are designed to enhance the user's quality of life and are true to the brand's history and philosophy of innovation and reliability.

Richard Bass, Head of the Consumer Business at Hitachi Europe Ltd explains, "With a long history of successful consumer products in the UK market, we are proud to bring our innovation range of premium refrigerators exclusively to the independent retail sector.  Our partnership with Big Red Sales provides a winning combination of products from a trusted brand and support from a respected, familiar team."

Enjoy the taste of fresh every day food with a Hitachi refrigerator.  To find out more, please click on the link below.

Click here to visit the Hitachi website

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